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4. Lakefield National Park

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We are now heading out of the Wet Tropics and into Savannah Country. One big difference when you are driving is the condition of the roads. No longer is it muddyas it has become very red and very, very dusty so much so Len's hair went ginger!!

Lakefied National Park
Now we are somewhere we really want to be. Lakefield is accessible only by 4WD as the tracks are deeply corrugated, rough and ungraded. The park only has bush camping so it means that there are very few people and lots of open space. Lakefield NP is Queensland's second largest National Park and has wetlands, rivers, crocodiles, grasslands, squillions of anthills and lots of gorgeous birds. It has an entirely different landscape to the Wet Tropics although in the wet season this park is inaccessible and completely isolated due to flooding. It is the season they start on the annual feral pig cull and general maintenance.

We stayed for 6 days and spent the time exploring the park. Saw our first big croc - he was between 4.5 - 5 metres in length and quietly sunning himself on the opposite bank of a waterhole. The birdlife is fantastic. Spotted jabirus, jacanas, magpie geese, brolgas, buzzards, blue winged kookaburras, black throated finches, hundreds of red tailed black cockatoos, sunbirds, radjah shelducks, egrets, sulphur crested cockatoos, whistling kites, nankeen nightjar and lots of lots of little grey and brown birds. We found spots in the rivers that were pretty safe to get water and a couple that were shallow enough to have a quick dip (watching for crocs the whole time).

We reluctantly left and headed further up the gulf.

Lakefield is a fabulous park and one that we want to return to some time in the future.

Catfish Waterhole and the croc
ac_Lakefie..on_Cro1.jpg ac_Lakefie.._Croc_3.jpg ac_Lakefie..agoon_d.jpg

Kalpowar Crossing
af_-_Lakef..round_6.jpg af_-_Lakef..round_3.jpg af_-_Lakef..round_2.jpg af_-_Lakef.._1a_len.jpg

Hann Crossing

ah_-_Lakef..round_4.jpg ah_-_Lakef..ound_1b.jpg ah_Lakefie.._Park_j.jpg

Nifold Plains
aj_Lakefie..ounds_1.jpg aj_Lakefie..ounds_2.jpg am_Lakefie..lains_1.jpg

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