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3. Cairns to Endeavour Falls National Park


General Stuff

Our home: Is a Black Wolf Turbo Lite plus tent. It is 4.8 metres long by 3 metres wide. It has 1 bedroom, a lounge room, alfresco kitchen and dining area no ensuite or walk in robe but sometimes has great views. It takes about 15-30 minutes to put up and after we have put away all our dining/kitchen goods about 30 minutes to pack away.

Mossman Gorge and the Daintree

Once we left Cairns we first popped in to Port Douglas. The combination of school holidays and market day meant there was a traffic jam, no parking and squillions of people. We didn't stay. Moved on to Mossman Gorge which had exactly the same problem as Port Douglas. We took the circuit walk and stopped at the gorge, compared to other areas we had been to it was very disappointing. We didn't stay for long and decided to head towards the Daintree.

The Daintree is very beautiful but not what we thought it would be. There were beaches and a few short bushwalks but before we arrived we had thought we would able to find lots of long and interesting walks. Unfortunately that wasn't the case.

Daintree/Cape Tribulation
Daintree_Cow_beach_a.jpg Daintree_C..creek_c.jpg

The Bloomfield Track

We are heading from Cape Tribulation to Cooktown. Finally we are getting away from bitumen roads. The first creek the track crosses is Emmagen Creek and although there had been quite a bit of rain in the previous week it wasn't too deep - about 60cm. The track then skirts a lovely beach then heads further inland. There are some very steep, slippery sections that were slow going but manageable and quite a few more creek crossings. Len enjoyed finally getting into diff lock, low gear and putting the Land Rover to the test before we head into more remote and more challenging tracks. Once past Bloomfield it becomes a pretty well graded gravel road until it meets up to the main road into Cooktown. By the time we reached the Cooktown turnoff the car had picked up a whine to go to the rattle!

Bloomfield Track - Emmagen Creek crossing and preparing to cross
4Bloomfield..rossing.jpg Bloomfield..rossing.jpg

Emmagen Creek and a lovely Beach
Bloomfield..Creek_4.jpg Bloomfield..w_Bay_c.jpg

Cooktown to Endeavour Falls National Park

Not much to say about Cooktown except that it took us 2 days to find the supermarket. Quite amazing as there are not many streets in the town! The caravan park had some gorgeous wallabies that stayed near us but it was windy and we were surrounded by big gum trees that looked as though they were going to drop a few branches on out tent. A bit nerve wracking.


Next stop Endeavour Falls where we had booked to go on a tour of Aboriginal Rock Art. The guide was the story-keeper from of Nugal-warra clan and took us to the ancestral rock art sites, set high in the hills above Hope Vale, outside Cooktown. He told the stories behind the art, and explained how the cave paintings relate to the culture and history of his people. Fascinating.

Hope_Vale_..r_elder.jpg Hope_Vale_Tour_ac.jpg Hope_Vale_..animals.jpg Hope_Vale_..ry__man.jpg

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